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I have to admit I am not a big reader, but I sat down at 8AM this morning and finished the book by 12PM!

I have been trying to deepen my relationship with God the past few years and I’ve been trying to find my purpose (my gift). I recently have gone through some things the past couple months that really tried to make me lose sight of God and made me feel more unworthy (not good enough) here on earth, so I began to think I wasn’t good enough for the blessings from God.

Your book helped me see and understand more of his love for me. I related so much to your book I felt like I was there! (Yes I had to grab a box of tissues)
Thank you so much for sharing this story! I know God Loves Me! I feel homesick already!
— Jamie, Texas

I have to share a little testimonial with you. When I took this book to narrate it, I was hoping I could do some good in the World. This story was very hard to record as I had flashbacks of years ago when I lost my father during the recording of this book. Then, I received all the corrections and to be honest was shocked (especially with Biblical pronunciations as I have a Catholic School teacher and Liturgical Minister background). It got to the point where I went and checked to make sure I have been pronouncing correctly all these years. Instead of analyzing it, I focused on this being Valerie and Cheryl’s story and I was going to pronounce the words how they heard it in their heads. I got to the point where I prayed ALOT asking God why he put this book in my path. Flash forward to recent events.

My grandmother was given six months to live due to her bad heart. Even though she has been a devote Catholic all her life, she had this fear of the unknown and wondering if she would really see Jesus. I verbally shared Valerie and Cheryl’s story with her. She really wanted to hear their story so I began playing file after file for her. She got to Chapter 6 and I just got to busy with recording to let her listen to any more at the time. She ended up being involved in a freak accident and was life flighted up to the Portland burn unit. The doctor gave her a very short time to live. My grandfather and I rushed up there to be with her. She was in an induced coma because of all the pain caused to her body but the nurse said she could hear. After us all talking to her and the priest giving her last rites, we stayed the night at the hospital. I knew she wanted to hear the rest of the story (as she’d been bringing it up several times). I put the computer on low and played it by her ear chapter by chapter. We were two chapters from the end (when Valerie talks about meeting her grandchild and Cheryl’s grandchild who she saw in Heaven). A tear fell down my grandmother’s face and a peace and calmness came over her face (she had lost a child many years ago who died 3 days old). My grandma and I had talked about Jesus taking Valerie to the moment she suffered the most on the Earth and this was my grandmothers. I believe she knew she would be seeing her son very shortly. It was such a peaceful and comforting feeling knowing she knew she was going to be o.k. and she’d be with Jesus and her little boy.

Thank you Valerie and Cheryl for sharing such an AMAZING story with the World.
— Amanda