On a snowy Arizona day in March, Valerie’s life changed forever. Two semi-trucks smashed into her parked Jeep, during a snowy blizzard. Hours later, Valerie was extricated and transported to a local hospital, where she was placed on life support with little to no hope of a future. But God had a different plan, a plan full of hope and a miraculous life-transforming journey that you’ll want to experience. Want to know more?




In January 2000 Cheryl had a vivid dream of a horrific accident involving semi trucks, when she came out of that dream she felt uneasy and burdened. She prayed until she felt the peace of God. Two months later that dream came to pass. On a snowy Arizona day in March, Valerie's life changed forever. Two semis crashed into her stopped Jeep Cherokee, trapping her beneath another huge truck that was parked on the shoulder, waiting out the blizzard. Upon impact, Valerie's daughter was thrown from the car, sustaining moderate injuries. But Valerie's fate was more horrific. It took hours for first responders to extricate her and rush her to the hospital. Once there, she was placed on life support and declared "ventilator dependent." For three days Valerie was with Jesus in heaven, as her sister, Cheryl prayed for her to come back to life. She and her sister Cheryl have co-authored a new book, titled Heaven Is A Breath Away . It is about the joys and wonders of that journey. Valerie and Cheryl want you to know that prayer is powerful, heaven is real and waiting for those who believe in Jesus. Jesus wants to welcome you with His loving open arms. Will you receive His invitation?