What are people saying about us?

“When you hear stories about visiting Heaven from someone who has been there, it’s the next best thing to being there yourself. When that story comes from someone you know and trust, it becomes even more than compelling; it becomes concrete. That same story told from both an earthly perspective and another from Heaven, is an experience I continue to carry with me everyday. I am blessed to have known both Valerie Paters and Cheryl Schuelke personally, before, during, and after Valerie’s trip to Heaven and I continue to see the miraculous affect it has on their lives for years after that visit. It continues to be more encouraging and mind-blowing every time I hear it.

While witnessing the impact of their testimony and ministry on a group when I hear them speak in person, I have yet to see anyone leave unaffected. During an event with Valerie and Cheryl, many have been inspired to follow Jesus for the first time and many others inspired to take their relationship to a deeper level.
— Pastor Cameron Martin: The Springs Church (Chandler, Arizona)

Valerie and Cheryl encouraged many of our congregation’s hearts as they ministered at Kingdom Life in central Kansas. Their experiences of Heaven and encountering our wonderful Jesus helped many of us increase our faith in relating to our eternal destinies. Valerie and Cheryl are more than good speakers; they are true friends helping us pray for the difficult issues in a local church. If you have met them, you have experienced the person of Christ.
— Pastor Scott Miller: Kingdom Life Ministries (Hesston, Kansas)

We had the most wonderful experience having these two sisters come up to Alaska to share their testimony of heaven, prayer and the love of Jesus. And as riveting as their story was, the audience was equally captured by Valerie and Cheryl themselves. They shared the Word of God with conviction and boldness, yet with a spirit of humility. These two are worthy of anyone’s confidence, prayers, and support. They fully and tirelessly apply themselves to the ministry our Lord has given them.
— Jimmie Sue Woelke: Voice in the Wilderness Ministries, Alaska School of Supernatural, and Ministry Praxis Center (Anchorage, Alaska)

Having experienced Cheryl and Valerie’s ministry on many occasions, I can say that their ministry is always powerful, prophetic, timely and deeply impactful. They have an incredible grasp of the things of the spirit and of heavenly perspective that translates into empowering others. Valerie and Cheryl are trustworthy and impactful. This ministry and message is global and I highly recommend their ministry and endorse it with the highest confidence possible.
— Scott Ingegneri: Awaken Ministries International (Nashville, Tennessee)

At “Treasured Song Gathering” in Glendale, Arizona, we have been greatly blessed to know and appreciate the ministry of Valerie Paters and Cheryl Schuelke over the years.  Cheryl and Valerie are two uniquely gifted individuals, who walk in a level of faith that is both inspiring and infectious.   Valerie is a walking miracle, whose testimony is glorious and breathtakingly dramatic.  Cheryl is a leader among leaders, perceptive and insightful, with a gift to speak a ‘now word’ to bring clarity and enthusiasm to the Body of Christ.  Ministering together, Cheryl and Valerie are truly Holy Spirit ambassadors, who have experienced first-hand the life changing power of God.
— Rico Cole, Joy Trimble Cole, Jim & Laurie Adams: Treasure Ministries (Phoenix, Arizona)